Monday, June 4, 2012

Flash Forward

It's been a weird week---I've spent it mostly holed up in my apartment, finishing my second year research paper.  If you want to know what it's about, the picture on the right pretty much sums it up.  (This might help.)

I did have time for a few things, though.  On Memorial Day, Jeff and I went out for carne asada burritos at El Asadero and then took a really nice walk through a very-deserted Lincoln Square.  I had never noticed before how many great old signs there were remaining on Lincoln, even for businesses (like the Jazz Record Mart) that moved on years ago.

There's always time for food.  We still managed a few great dinners, despite my busyness.  On the left is our famous Thunfisch Pizza, the best thing I brought back with me from Germany.  It's a simple margherita base plus a can of tuna (olive oil packed only), thinly sliced onions, and oregano.  Then, this weekend we were celebrating our three year anniversary, so on Saturday we had fluke and uni sashimi, and Sunday we made Yukhoe, a Korean preparation of raw beef.  It was so delicious!  There's a great recipe for it here.

And on Sunday, we went out for brunch for the first time in months.  I've been wanting to check out the Tiztal Cafe in Uptown for a long time, and we finally did it.  They have a really nice back patio for which the weather was perfect, and the food was so good.  We tried the oatmeal shake that everyone raves about and it was great (tastes a lot like horchata), and we both got the chilaquiles with eggs.  I've been dreaming about the chilaquiles and those potatoes ever since.  A lovely, perfect break.

And finally, a song from the album that's been carrying me through the last few weeks.

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