Friday, March 9, 2012

Made my day

This is Jeffrey and he is the best.  I finally ordered the new lens for my camera that I've been wanting for so long, but when we got home this afternoon we saw that UPS had already come and gone.  Perfect ending to an already disappointing day.  We went out to grab a snack on Clark St. on the off-chance that we might see the UPS truck somewhere in the neighborhood, but no luck.  Coming out of the store we took one last glance down the street --- and there it was, parked at the corner of Balmoral and Clark.  Jeff sprinted to catch up with it, following as it turned down Balmoral, and sure enough it was our regular UPS guy (who Jeff has come to know pretty well since we order so much stuff from Amazon), and he got my lens.

It takes beautiful pictures.  These are just a couple I shot as soon as I got it, in the waning daylight of 5 pm, so I can't wait to see what it can do with full and proper lighting and the camera settings tweaked properly (just realized I had it set on ISO 1600 which explains why they're a bit grainy, whoops).  The last weekend of the quarter is the worst time for me to be distracted by something like this, but I look forward to taking lots of pictures in the nice weather we'll be having.

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